The Company
Dynasty is innovative Transportation-the smart Choice

What is Dynasty?
Dynasty is a 4 Door 4 Seat Sedan
Dynasty is a 4 Door 4 Seat Cabriolet
Dynasty is a 2 Door Utility Pickup Vehicle
Dynasty is a 4 Door 2 Seat Van
Dynasty is a no Door 4 Seat Cabriolet
Dynasty is a 4 Door 2 Set Mobility Vehicle

Dynasty is just what you want Dynasty to be
Perfect for Universities, Campuses, Holiday Resorts, Airports, Industrial Parks, Planned & Gated Communities. It can be increase up to 120 miles with different battery options

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Complete Versatility + Advanced Simplicity x Winning Formula= Dynasty

The benefits of Dynasty are astounding as a use any where, quite, agile, reliable, zero carbon-footprint Electric Vehicle offering low operating & maintenance costs which make perfect sense in everyway.

The Way of the Future;
With a multitude of uses, Dynasty is the way of the future offering you 6 model variants to suit all your everyday requirements.

Fossil fuel engine not only contribute to the eventual destruction of our world but have continually demonstrated to us their zero cost saving and have shared with us no effective long term benefits at all

Dynasty is time to act, safeguard our future and work on doing our very best to help you reduce and eliminate your carbon footprint.

Dynasty is a low speed vehicle (LSV)- a motor classification the complies with the U.S. National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) and Transport Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations.

How does Dynasty work?
Dynasty is battery operated and electrically re-charged by Plugging straight into a standard socket Dynasty really is that Simple!

Fully charged, conventional-lead acid batteries*will allow Dynasty to travel for 30 miles on a single charge.

Optional batteries such as lithium ion phosphate batteries can extend this range anywhere between 100 to 200 miles between charging dependent upon your selection of batteries.

Experience Dynasty :
Dynasty drives and handles just like a normal car but without the noise, smell and pollution of an internal combustion engine.

Overnight re-charging or convenience charging through the day will ensure that you will experience mile after mile of trouble free electric motoring

*Lead Acid batteries are fitted as standard. All other batteries are offered as optional extras

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